Happy holiday

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all kind mother sentient beings. Every living being has the complete potential to be fully happy and fully free from pain. It is our job to see to it, at least to the best of our ability, to help them actualize this marvelous potential. This potential is the subtlest mind of luminosity. Each of us have this. Our negative emotions are transitory and separate from this deepest clear light mind. Practicing the six perfections helps us manifest this latent subtlest mind of luminosity or clear light. During the holiday season many people practice some form of giving and kindness, the first perfection. May this increase and continue throughout the year. May we all practice the six perfections topped off with the wisdom knowing the deeper reality correctly, that all things lack objective existence. All things are empty of this objective existence. May we all find this precious realization. May the blind see forms. May the deaf hear sounds. May the homeless find homes. May the hungry find good food. May the depressed find hope. May the lost find their way. May the sick be healed. May those in pain find joy. May bullies and aggressors find love. May all living beings find the wisdom of emptiness and become fully enlightened.