Set our priorities for 2019

t is a good time of year to reflect on our year and begin to set our priorities for 2019. An important part of the mix is self-care. The better we take care of ourselves, the better we can take care of others. When we are taking care of ourselves remember the two-fold purpose. First to be well both physically and mentally, and second to improve our capacity to care for others. This two-fold “win-win” purpose makes our life meaningful and full. Pot-holes and obstacles are part and parcel of life. They need not interfere with our higher goals. Cultivating resilience is another important ingredient in self-care. This is the ability to rebound from whatever curveballs come our way. Taking everything on the path to become fully enlightened is our path. We are aspiring Bodhisattvas, aspiring to practice universal compassion towards all, leaving no one behind.