Laugh at your mistakes, but not at yourself

We often hold ourself to unrealistic high standards. If we’ve done 10 things (actually hundreds or even thousands!) in a day, and feel good about the 8, what do we remember and ponder over at the end of the day? Yes, the 2 we didn’t feel good about. We totally neglect the other 8 things that went well. Let’s be realistic and think about all the things we did, even the good stuff. When it comes to mistakes, we often are frightened to admit them for it may not look good in the eyes of our colleagues, friends, etc. But mistakes are part of being human. Most people appreciate when others admit mistakes. It makes them feel their own mistakes are not so bad. I make many mistakes. Of course, I try to learn from them, but often I don’t. Still I keep trying without beating myself up. In these ways we hold ourself to standards that are unrealistic, often not even humanly possible. Cut yourself some slack. Relax and enjoy. Laugh at your mistakes, but not at yourself. This is healthy. Laughter is the best medicine. This type of healthy laughter is not putting anyone down, but is in the spirit of humility and joy. It is in the spirit that nothing, not even ourself, exists as it appears. Everything is like a dream. So how can we take it so seriously.