Practice kindness

Today is the second day of Losar, the Tibetan New Year; and the second day of the Chinese New Year — Kung Hei Fat Choi; both calendars being based on the moon. Thank you all for the wonderful new year greetings. It filled my heart with joy. Let’s make a special effort to practice kindness during this Earth year of the Pig. Kindness is the language of the gods. It is the language of humanity. Kindness is the language of animals, birds, and fish. And kindness is the language of mother earth. Please be kind to all. The root of kindness is the kindness we give to ourself. Being kind to ourself becomes the base. It radiates out to everyone as five-colored light to fill every living being and mother earth herself with kindness. Thus filling ourself with kindness overflows and overflows. Kindness has no bounds. It is unlimited. It can increase forever and ever.