The differences are superficial

Whenever you go, wherever we are, be mindful. Mindful of virtue. Virtue of love, compassion, kindness, self-kindness, self-love, others-love, tolerance, gratitude, forgiveness, joy, and insight. Tattoo these things in your mind, in your heart. Remember others are actually like your sisters and brothers, struggling just like you. On this deeper meaningful level, we are all alike. The differences we “automatically” notice and think about are superficial. We are addicted to these differences and place too much stock in them. To undo these small-minded habits takes practice. It requires understanding the benefits through a risk-benefit analysis. It means becoming convinced this is in your own best interest, and thereby becoming enthusiastic. It takes patience and persistence. We won’t change these narrow-minded, harmful habits unless we continue making effort. Laziness is not in our best interest, nor is it in the best interest of others. Shake, rattle, and roll when you feel complacent and lazy. Shake it up baby! Don’t just sit there. Do something about it! Light a fire inside yourself. Shake, rattle, and roll!