Love and compassion make the world go around!

“I will always love you.” Whitney Houston sang from the heart with a pure voice expressing the feelings of all of us who have lost a loved one. Happy Valentine’s Day to all those loved ones we’ve lost, and to all our mothers. It is quite possible that our mind has taken many rebirths, in fact countless numbers of rebirths, as our body grows old, gets sick, and dies. Each time we are born, we have a mother who gives birth to us. All these previous mothers have died and are also reborn. Where are they? Just look around. Everyone around us, both near and far, has been our mother, not only one time, but countless times. The universe is 13.6 billion years old. There are very likely other, maybe parallel universes. There is no beginning of time, so we call time beginningless. Thus, the list of our mothers is very, very, very long. In fact, infinite numbers of mothers. And they are all around us. So Happy Valentine’s Day to all our mothers. Thinking of everyone including the animals as our previous mothers makes us feel close to them. Feelings of closeness naturally lead to love and compassion. Love and compassion make the world go around!