We can be our worst enemy

We can be our worst enemy, feeling never good enough. This happens even when we are doing amazing things. We still feel guilty that we are not doing enough, or not being good enough. The glass half filled with water is seen and felt as half empty rather than half full. When we do 10 things in a day, and 8 went well, what do we remember at the end of the day? Yes, the 2 that did not go well, and totally forget the other 8 that did go well. We often lack self-compassion, usually driven by childhood family dynamics. Guilt is like a mental cancer. It eats us from the inside. It spreads and permeates our whole being. Developing healthy self-confidence is the treatment. It is like surgery, chemo, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, stem-cell therapy, nutritional therapy, and functional integrative medicine therapy all wrapped into one to treat our guilt and poor self-image. Interestingly, healthy self-confidence also is the best medicine for arrogance and pride. Healthy self-confidence finds the middle ground between putting ourself down and putting others down. In the next post we will discuss ways to work towards healthy self-confidence.