Gratitude is the spice of life. It makes everything sparkle. It is like glitter on the inside. Not only do we feel good, but those around us also feel good. Gratitude connects us with others. We can be grateful in general as a feeling tone. We can also be grateful more specifically towards others for everything we have, our education, family upbringing, neighbors, colleagues, friends, our food, clothing, and all our material possessions. We can extend this feeling of gratitude to others, even to all others. In this way we appreciate and are grateful for all our mother sentient beings who have not only given birth to us, but have nurtured us and keep us alive. For every birth we’ve taken, and there are infinite births, we have had a mother. On the basis of all mother sentient beings we cultivate and achieve the mind of Bodhicitta. Bodhicitta combines the wisdom of Śūnyatā, or emptiness, with universal compassion. This mind of Bodhicitta goes on to become a Buddha, full enlightenment. Practicing gratitude in this way is a complete practice. It leads all the way to enlightenment!