The process of dying ~ introduction~

Death is often a frightening subject. We are afraid to die. Unlike our parents and grandparents, we are not exposed to death. We have no knowledge or experience of it. These days, people mostly die in hospital. Several decades ago people died at home. Everyone, including young children, had the opportunity to observe a relative dying at home. This experience and knowledge abated much of the fear around dying. In order to reduce the fear around our own death, I would like to explain the process of dying according to Buddhist Mahayana tradition. I will do this as a series, over the next several posts. The process of dying has 8 stages. Each stage has external signs others can witness. There are also internal signs, or visions, that only the dying person can experience. This happens to all of us, even the animals, when we die. Great practitioners look forward to meditating at the time of their death! To be continued.