2nd stage of dying process

We are now moving through the 8-stages of the death meditation. It is similar to what we actually experience when we are dying. The purpose is two-fold. First, to reduce our fear of our own death. Second, is to train meditating on the subtlest mind of luminosity, which is the 8th stage. In order to identify this most subtle mind of luminosity, we must approach it sequentially through the 8 stages. Friday, I assigned homework to sit with your back and head straight on a cushion or chair with your eyes glancing down without staring or close. Imaging you are lying on a hospital bed coming near the end of your life. Friday you entered the 1st stage of the death process, imagining a mirage. Now you enter the 2nd stage of the dying process. The water element, or liquid in the body, dries up. Externally your eyes sink back, your skin becomes doughy, and you become very thirsty. Sips of water do not quench your thirst. Internally you have a vision of billowing smoke. The smoke surging out of a smoke-stack. Spend a little time and familiarize yourself with this vision. In the following posts we will go through all 8 stages of the death meditation.