The 5th stage of the dying process

It seems interest in familiarizing with the inner visions of the 8 stages of dying has tapered off. I hope I haven’t bored you. This is such a fascinating meditation for me personally, I naturally assume it is the same for others. But maybe not. Nevertheless, let’s move to the 5th stage of the dying process. Imagining we have been declared clinically dead on the last, 4th stage, yet we haven’t died. We still have 4 more stages to traverse. From the 5th to the 8th stage the mind becomes subtler and subtler. The 5th stage is called, ‘White Appearance,’ and has the inner vision like moonlight. This subtle mind is nondual. The subject – ourself, and the object – moonlight, have merged. We become one with the moonlight. Please familiarize with this nondual vision, merging ourself with moonlight, the best you can, so we actually become moonlight.