The 7th stage of the dying process

As you remember we are going through the 8 stages of dying, focusing on the internal visions at each stage and are now on the 7th stage. The outside appearance for the last 4 stages is as if we are dead although our complexion appears alive and show no signs of a corpse. On the 5th stage the white essence at the crown chakra within the central channel descends to the heart chakra creating a white moonlight-like inner vision. On the 6th stage the red essence from below ascends to the heart chakra creating a red sunset-like inner vision. Now on the 7th stage both the white and red essence meet at the heart chakra creating a black appearance. Imagine a dark night with no moonlight or sunlight. We become the dark night with this now extremely subtle mind. Remember the previous 6 visions – mirage, billowing smoke, darting fireflies in the night sky, glow of the extinguishing candle flame, moonlight, and sunset. This vision of total darkness is not negativity darkness. Rather it is an extremely subtle mind filled with bliss. Rest in that visualization and familiarize well. Soon we will complete the imagined death process.