the last 8th stage of dying process

Finally, after all the 7 stages, we now arrive at the last 8th stage of our dying process. This is a very special stage as it is the subtlest mind, called ‘clear light,’ or ‘luminosity.’ When we can sustain this mind through meditation, it extends our life. If we can sustain this mind of clear light or luminosity indefinitely, not only will we never die, but rather we will become enlightened! This mind goes on to become a Buddha! Buddhahood is a deathless state because death only happens after the 8th stage of luminosity finishes. When this mind is maintained through meditation and never ends, we will not die. Imagine utmost clarity. This is the luminosity. It is not a light, but the clarity of mind. In fact, utmost clarity of mind. I imagine a diamond. Not the diamond itself but the quality of clarity of the diamond. Of course, this is hard to imagine. Do your best. When we go deeper, we combine the wisdom of emptiness with this utter clarity. In fact, as we familiarize with the 8 inner visions corresponding to each stage, we start combining each vision with the mind realizing emptiness. In the next post I will write about ‘tukdam’ which is when we sustain the mind of clear light through meditation at the time of our death.