2019 Jul. 13-16 Meditation Retreat “Healing Mother Earth”

Jul. 13 Sat. – 16 Tue.2019

Meditation Retreat in Nagano
“Healing Mother Earth”


Message from Barry Kerzin

Mother earth is crying out for help. Our children’s wellbeing, and even survival, are at stake. What contemplative meditation practices can we do to help prepare us? How can we integrate our meditative way of living with concern for the environment? What is the role of compassion in facing and doing something about climate crisis? Join us for a meaningful meditation filled with compassion towards mother earth.

– Barry Kerzin

Dr. Barry Kerzin will lead a 4 day meditation retreat this July. The retreat will be comprised of a combination of lectures and practice.

Jul. 13 Sat. – 16 Tue.2019
First day: Meet at JR Nagano station, 12:25pm
Last day: End at the Hotel around 2:30pm

Retreat center “Suirin” , Nagano prefecture
(2471-2198 Ageya, Nagano-city, Nagano prefecture, 380-0888)
40 minutes form JR Nagano station by taxi

【Lecturer】Dr. Barry Kerzin (in English with Japanese interpretation)

【Fee include tax】Includes accommodation (shared room) and food.
Please note: transportation is NOT included.

・88,000 yen
・Human Values institute members: 83,000yen

*Please include your name, number of people, phone number and email address.
*If you need to reserve the taxi from JR Nagano station, let us know.

*Cancellation Fee Policy
8 to 14 days prior (30%)
3 to 7 days prior (50%)
2 days prior (80%)
No show or cancellation on the day (100%)

<Meditation practice>
Shamatha meditation (Concentration/focused meditation)
Walking meditation
Tong Len Meditation (Compassion Meditation)
9 round breathing

“What is meditation?”
“How does meditation help you?”
“What is mind?”
“How to cultivate compassion and mindfulness.”
“How to change your negative feelings.”