Congratulations to everyone who has followed the last 8 or 9 posts going through the 8 stages of dying, focusing on the inner visions. Please occasionally review the inner visions to become familiar as an excellent preparation for the real thing – our own death. Serious meditators who properly prepare for death, meditate at the time of their death, especially on the 8th stage of luminosity or clear light. As long as they can sustain the clear light state through their meditation, they do not die. About 50 people are known to have done this in the last 50 years. Some have extended their life 3 weeks after being pronounced clinically dead. Their bodies stay fresh, warm, flexible, with an alive complexion. When the clear light state finishes, the subtle body leaves the gross body through the crown or lower orifices. This is the actual death. Shortly thereafter, clear and red fluids drain quickly from the nose, measuring about 4 ounces of liquid. This is called ‘karmar,’ which means ‘white’ and ‘red.’ I have observed this several times when great practitioners have stayed for some time in ‘tukdam.’ ‘Tukdam’ means ‘sacred mind,’ referring to the subtlest mind of clear light. During tukdam there is an unusual faint pleasant smell like flowers or fruit. Within hours after their meditation on the clear light finishes, the bodies start decaying. There is the smell of decay, swelling of the body, and blisters and black and blue cover the skin. The body has become a corpse. Please prepare well for this joyous event we call death!