At Google Deep Mind in London

The last 2 days I have been meeting with many geek nerd amazing people at Google Deep Mind in London. They are very bright, engaging, and deeply interested in making artificial intelligence safe and compassionate. They have a whole team designated as the ethics group working on these issues. They also have a whole group working on wellness for employees. Many of our discussions revolved around exploring major themes of compassion that go beyond utilitarianism, i.e. the most good for the greatest number of people and animals. We discussed healthy self-confidence (putting no one down, not oneself nor others), emotional hygiene (recognizing and transforming anger, jealousy, and pride), humility, compassion, etc. All of these themes we also discussed from the approach of providing training to the Deep Mind employees. This approach is based on the notion that our unrecognized bias affect whatever we do, including writing AI programs. Very exciting and meaningful discussions that hopefully are just beginning!