Don’t push it

A square peg doesn’t fit in a round hole. So don’t push it. A round peg doesn’t fit in a square hole. So don’t push it. These are learning situations I often have to relearn. There is something, in fact much, to be said for serendipity, for allowing the natural flow of things. This approach along with planning occasionally leads to greater sustainability and success in the future. It also relaxes us and brings us closer to our true nature. Our true nature is bathed in unconditional compassion, love, bliss, and wisdom. Even when we sneeze we can experience this, albeit for a brief instant. The next time you sneeze, find the bliss. When we sneeze, and more prominently when we die, we traverse the eight dying stages where the mind becomes subtler. The subtlest mind is deeply blissful, unconditionally loving, and completely wise.