Stable place inside

When you’re hot, you’re hot. When you’re not, you’re not. And it is o.k., really o.k. Regardless of what is happening on the outside or even on the inside, we are cultivating an “o.k.ness.” Everything is o.k., no problem. This place inside that is safe, warm, trustworthy, and joyous is stable. Although there is no physical locale, it is generally felt inside the chest, even in the centre at the heart chakra. But it is more of a feeling, a wonderful experience, rather than a physical place. The more we are kind and compassionate, and the more we meditate, we automatically cultivate this inner refuge, this place of warmth and safety. Then we are less influenced by the outer and inner circumstances. There can be chaos outside or inside and we remain calm and balanced, safe in our inner refuge. These are HH Dalai Lama’s feet!