It is here, now.

We often pass our days living in the past, chewing over things as if we were a cow with four stomachs – ruminating and regurgitating. This comes about through worry, brought on by stress. Anxiety is stress’ right hand man (or woman). Doubt is stress’ left hand man (or woman). When we are not reliving the past, we often speculate about the future. “WHAT IF ….” We often ask ourself as if this is real, but it is only fantasy! “What ifs” are not real in any sense of the word. They are total fabrication, brought about by the culprit of worry and doubt, fueled by stress. Life goes on, yet we are not living fully. We are not living a relaxed and spacious life, filled with concern for others’ welfare. And most of all, we are not living in the present. The present is real. It is here, now. The past is gone. The future is yet to come. Come back to reality. Come back to the present moment. Relax and enjoy. Let the doubt, anxiety, and fear dissolve. Let it go. Open the heart. Breathe fully and relax in the joy of the present moment.