Our bedrock

When the heat comes we move like a slug. When the long winter nights come we can’t get out of bed. When there is argument around us we feel uncomfortable. When the lights don’t turn on, we become frightened. When the internet connection cuts, we panic. When someone praises us, we get excited. When someone criticizes us, we feel tiny. When we answer a question in class or among a group smartly, we feel puffed up. We react to our emotions like a dry leaf being blown in the wind. No guts, no vision, no heart. Just blown hither and dither by our emotions. But we don’t have to. We can cultivate an inner place that is warm, safe, and more immune to outside circumstances. Training in returning to the present moment helps a lot. This becomes our bedrock. Thinking about others helps. Taking ourself less seriously helps. Laughter helps. Joy helps.