Each moment is precious

We often find ourselves in a rut. We are stuck and don’t know how to get out. Laziness is seductive. It’s like being in a slumber while being spaced out. No real pain, but no real life either. We just sit there like a slug. And we sit there. The notion that we could die at any time is totally foreign to us. We feel invincible, like nothing can touch us. Yet our life is so incredibly fragile. The complexity for our body to keep working moment to moment is almost beyond imagination. Yet we forget that. We feel we will live many more decades. This is true even if we suffer from a serious illness. Somehow our own mortality seems like dream. Not me, we think! Actually, each moment we get closer to our own death. Each moment is precious, not to be wasted through laziness. So, baby light my fire! I’ll light your fire!