What really happens when you die?

Recently I was reading some research into how people die. It was done by a Neuropsychiatrist (both a Neurologist and Psychiatrist), whose name is Dr. Peter Fenwick. His research, and others he sites, show that most people die well. What really happens when you die? First you must give up everything. I mean everything. Your possessions, your loved ones, even your body. This is crucial as it allows your ego to dissolve so you can become nondual and merge with the universe. This happens when there is no more clinging to the ego. Those with strong egos are often unable to let go and give up everything. They often struggle with anxiety while dying. But for most of us it is a lovely experience. The “narrative, or inner voice” that chats with you is silent. You always remain in the present moment. Unbelievably happiness is experienced as you are moving towards the transcendent state of nonduality. Many people as told by the caregivers, either nurses or others near the dying person, experience a flow of light that moves through the room. It is experienced as intense love. Sometimes caregivers can actually witness and feel this flow of loving light. Remember these observations are drawn from many years of research by a physician-scientist, not someone with an eastern belief system like Buddhism.