Living in grace bathed in gratitude

Living in grace bathed in gratitude is good for the health. This is true for both our physical and our mental health. Gratitude reduces stress, anxiety, fear, and doubt. This helps our heart, brain, stomach and intestines, immune and endocrine systems work better. It further reduces the duration and intensity of depression. It sets the groundwork for happiness and wellbeing. Living in grace has a profound effect on forgiveness. Gratitude opens the door to forgiving ourself. This is a major step in our own healing. As self-healing begins, the door opens to the other precious opportunity of forgiving others. Those who have hurt us are usually hurt themselves. Forgiving others does not make their actions right. Rather, forgiving the other person recognizes their humanity, no matter how wretched or miserable their suffering. They are not happy, and also hurt. Seeing this larger picture allows us to forgive. This act of forgiveness is another major step in our own healing.