I met a man at a conference

Recently I met a man at a conference. We clicked. He invited me to virtually meet his new business partner. Both men have had successful business careers. They now want to give back to society by innovatively spreading the methods for becoming happy. Immediately I took a liking to this man. I trusted him right away. My intuition and feelings were very positive, and continue to be. We are now beginning to share content after several international phone conversations. So, what is trust? How valuable is it? Is it either there or not there, and if not there, how can we cultivate it? Can it lead us astray? These are some of the questions I have been grappling with for some time. Trust is embedded in honesty and integrity. When these elements are there, trust follows naturally. If there is less integrity, then trust is hard to fully develop. Mindfulness, looking inside in the present moment, helps keep us honest by observing when we are not, and discarding dishonesty. This process of observing honesty and discarding dishonesty is not achieved overnight. In fact, it is a lifelong process itself.