When we get stuck in a rut

Occasionally we fall into a funk. We get stuck in a rut and can’t seem to get ourselves out. Has this ever happened to you? It happened to me recently. I noticed some underlying fear, but not sure why or of what. When I noticed the fear and sluggishness, I checked inside and found lack of inertia, and beginning to doubt myself. Then a red flag went up. This is all illusion created by the grand master of illusion, my deluded ego! Ah ha! Got you! So, I cleaned up my room, took a shower, and let the ego go. I said, “bye bye” to the tricky ego, and felt so much better. It is amazing the power our ego can have over us, if we allow it even a slight crack in the door to enter. It is so important to remain vigilant, ready to counter any negative attitude or emotion that arises.