Practice coming home to our center

The more we practice coming home to our center, the easy it gets. Gradually we learn to spend time “at home” centered, where everything is balanced, and we remain awake in the present moment. Whatever arises when we are this state has less power to disturb us and knock us off balance into the past or future. Speaking of centered and balanced, today is the second day of saga dawa, the most important and powerful month of the Buddhist year. It is in this month that Shakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment. On the 15th (lunar calendar) and 17th of June (modern calendar) is the day Shakyamuni Buddha became enlightened. The consequences of our actions, behavior and physical actions, our words, and our thoughts, emotions, and attitudes are greatly magnified during this month. They are astronomical! Please take care to practice virtue and avoid harm. This is quite important.