Life is riding the wave

Another analogy for life’s ups and downs is riding the wave. As the wave forms if you are in the right position and have good experience you can ride the wave to the crest, and then down the front as it comes crashing down hopefully behind you. If you are lucky and skillful, on big waves you can ride the tube “inside” the wave sideways as it keeps forming until it finally peters out. If you not so lucky or not so skillful, the wave will come crashing down on you. Life is like that – sometimes riding the crest and the inside tube, but at other times having the wave come crashing down on top of us. Regardless, we try to maintain our balance, not to get puffed up or deflated. Humility and love are the key. As long as we can remain humble and think about the welfare of others we are riding the crest of the wave, even if the wave is crashing down on us!