When you are meditating

Balance is the key. Too much excitement and we are distracted and jittery. Too much relaxation and we are dull and sleepy. Bring this alertness – relaxation balance into all aspects of your life. Bring it into your meditation. Bring it into your daily life. When you feel too excited, do the 9-round breathing meditation –https://altruismmedicine.org/ When you feel too exhausted and tired, make your mind more alert. If mental dullness while meditating, visualize yourself atop a flagpole in strong wind. Remember our own death may come at any time. “Wake up.” When you are meditating and the mind is agitated, turn down the lights, make the room warmer, and eat slightly heavier foods. If your mind is sluggish, do the opposite – lights brighter, room cooler, and a little less heavy foods.