Guilt is old fashioned. It is outdated. It is dysfunctional. We need to say “bye bye, we don’t need you anymore” to guilt. Actually, we never did need guilt, but it became a deep routed habit. Now it is time to change this bad habit. Now is time to take better care of ourself. Now it is time to be gentle and loving towards ourself. We deserve better, much better. Guilt makes us feel lousy. We want to cry or shrivel up. We feel smaller than an ant, worthless. For what reason? Maybe something from childhood and family dynamics. So, it is time to throw away guilt. Watch for it, be mindful. When guilt starts to arise, say NO! Be on the look-out for situations, people, circumstances that often make us feel guilty. Be prepared. Be ready to fight back and get rid of guilt! Here HH is thanking his Japanese chefs!