I returned to Manali, India

Back to crazy society after nearly a month in Ladakh and Zanskar living between 11,000 and 17,000 feet above the sea without internet and without many things. Early this morning I returned to Manali, India, after a harrowing 13-hour shared taxi ride over 17K foot passes, glaciers, ice, rivers overflowing the so-called road. Simplicity as a way of life is usually crowded over with so much complexity that it makes me dizzy. Simplicity brings us back to the heart; to the important things in life. People living simply without having and needing many things and without worry and stress can connect with each other from the heart. They are usually genuine, real, and loving. With this comes a deep happiness that no amount of money can buy. It is our responsibility to protect such people, the Zanskar people, their culture, and way of life. They live in small villages, often 5 – 10 homes, or less. They are Buddhist and pure.