Who really am I?

There are definitely silver linings when dark clouds appear. Not only practicing tonglen compassion for all who have suffered major loss, but also investigating more deeply who really am I? This has the potential for profound transformation of our suffering into lasting bliss. Where is Barry? Here in the body, then exactly where? My head, chest, etc., where exactly? If I am in my head, then precisely where? My brain? Precisely where in my brain, the prefrontal cortex, or where? Continue investigating smaller and smaller. This will go on infinitely. You will never find the I! Maybe in my mind? Exactly which mind, the mind of yesterday, of tomorrow, or my present mind? Keep investigating with small intervals of my mind. This will go on infinitely. Again you will never find the I!This kind of investigation eventually leads us to the experiential realization that the Barry I thought I was, cannot be found. I am forced into the conclusion that the Barry I thought I was does not exist. But of course I do exist, I am writing this facebook post. But this Barry is merely a name, a concept, nothing more! WOW!