April.4-5 Meditation Retreat 2 days in Chiba

The Lecture Canceled Due to Coronavirus

April. 4 Sat. – 5 Sun.2020

Meditation Retreat 2 days in Chiba

Message from Barry Kerzin

Ethical living is intimately tied with ecological living with simplicity.
In this 2-day retreat we will explore how we can live more simply, caring for the environment, and caring ethically for ourselves. Living this way is less tied to material things. It is more tied to the mother earth and ethical values of love, caring, and kindness that we all have hidden inside us.Meditation is done with the mind. We will explore what is the mind. We will also explore what is meditation, focusing on shamatha (concentration) meditation, walking meditation, tonglen compassion meditation, and breathing meditation called 9-round breathing. In these ways we will train in reducing our negative emotions like anger, etc.
Please join us and become part of our evolving ethical ecological movement bringing happiness to ourself, others, and mother earth.

– Barry Kerzin

Dr. Barry Kerzin will lead a 2 days meditation retreat next April. The retreat will be comprised of a combination of lectures and practice.

April. 4 Sat. – 5 Sun.2020

First day:
Meet at JR Tokyo station, 9:00 am (For those who reserved chartered bus)
Start 10:30 at Retreat center

Last day:
End at the Hotel around 5:00pm (For those who reserved chartered bus)
Separate at JR Tokyo station 6:30pm

Shikanoyama- Zen seisyonen retreat center, Chiba prefecture
(942-8, Takura, Futsu-city, Chiba prefecture)

【Lecturer】Dr. Barry Kerzin (in English with Japanese interpretation)

【Fee includes tax】Includes accommodation (shared room) and food.
Please note: transportation is NOT included.

・45,000 yen
・Human Values institute members: 42,000yen

*Chartered bus from Tokyo station to Retreat center
Round trip 8,500 yen (one way 4,250 yen)
Please reserve when you register

*Please include your name, number of people, phone number, email address, and reservation of chartered bus.

*Cancellation Fee Policy
8 to 14 days prior (30%)
3 to 7 days prior (50%)
2 days prior (80%)
No show or cancellation on the day (100%)

<Meditation practice>
Shamatha meditation (Concentration/focused meditation)
Walking meditation
Tong Len Meditation (Compassion Meditation)
9 round breathing

“What is meditation?”
“How does meditation help you?”
“What is mind?”
“How to cultivate compassion and mindfulness.”
“How to change your negative feelings.”
“What is the connection between environment and meditation?”