Common decency and mutual respect

Common decency and mutual respect are sine qua non – without which there is nothing. Without decency and respect, chaos and conflict prevail. Unfortunately, common decency and mutual respect are losing ground. People are acting selfishly without concern for their neighbors, their communities, their fellow human beings, fellow animals, and mother earth. There is more chaos and conflict in the world at a critical junction in our history when we need to unite and tackle the climate emergency. We are not taking seriously the welfare of our children. We have lost sight of their wellbeing. If we continue on the same path supporting petrochemical, we are doomed to major conflict, chaos, serious illness, and misery, at best. At worst, we are threatening our very survival, as has been done with so many animal and plant species becoming extinct. Let’s make a new year’s resolution to stand firm without resorting to violence, to resolve the climate emergency, the greatest challenge we’ve faced in our history. Happy new year wishes for good health, happiness, success, and meaning in 2020 for ALL.