Others are just like us, looking for peace and happiness

Genuine humility is hard to practice. We so easily get stuck in ego. Any kind of grasping our getting stuck on ourself, or selfishness, is ego. Usually people understand this to be arrogance. Insecurity is also ego, stuck in thinking we are not good enough. The ego is tricky. It pops up when least expected. Humility is nested in love and compassion. Concern for others’ wellbeing automatically takes us away from grasping at ourself, just like a teeter-tatter, and balance scale. Why is having concern for others’ welfare so important? Because others are just like us, looking for peace and happiness. They are just as important as we are. In fact, there are so many others, they are much more important than just one me. This does not mean I am inferior. On the contrary, we are equal from this important perspective.