Message from Barry Kerzin *All lectures cancelled this spring in 2020

Due to the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic with daily increasing travel restrictions, currently not allowing me to return to India from Japan, India has cancelled all foreign visas except diplomatic. And worldwide restrictions on large gathering in schools, and other places, it is most unfortunate that we have no choice but to postpone our April – May Japan visit.

Please stay positive and courageous. We will continue our programs as before but with a several month hiatus, after this pandemic calms down.

Please also continue to do your practice cultivating more patience, self-compassion, compassion towards others, and remember the important meaningful aspects of life. Work hard to bring about environmental justice to mother earth and all her inhabitants.

We now must stay vigilant with social distancing, yet remain calm inside. Think of me. I will think of you. In a short time we will once again be together, safe and happy.

Barry Kerzin, M.D.
Chairman, Human Values Institute
March, 2020