We are getting through this

We are getting through this, but these are definitely scary and unsettling times. What gets us through this? It is concern for the wellbeing of others. This is compassion. Having the wish to help is important. It prepares us to get ready to help when the opportunity arises. Actually helping is even better, when we are able. This takes skillful means, knowing what to do at the right time. Sometimes we try our best to help someone, but it doesn’t work, or even backfires. Please don’t beat yourself up if and when this happens. We do our best. More than that we cannot do. Not beating ourself up when our efforts fail to reach the mark is practicing self-compassion. Without self-compassion, compassion for others is not fully effective. Please read TIME magazine article (April 14, 2020) where HH Dalai Lama speaks about how to cope best in this coronavirus pandemic crisis — https://time.com/5820613/dalai-lama-coronavirus-compassion/