Earth Day 2020

We are constantly seduced by four wrong attitudes. We take the impure to be pure. We take suffering to be happiness. We take the impermanent to be permanent. And we take the selfless to be a self. Because of this we are trapped in cyclic existence moving from one life of suffering to another with no relief. Sensual objects are impure. The empty nature of our mind is pure. Sensory pleasures are sufferings in disguise. Deeper happiness is universal compassion bathed in wisdom realizing emptiness. Things are changing moment to moment, yet we cling strongly to this body and life as if it will never end. There is no ego when we carefully investigate. We cannot find it because it does not exist, never did exist, nor ever will exist. Yet, on a relative level we exist and our planet exists. Today is Earth Day 2020 with the theme of climate action –