There are some glimmers of hope

There are some glimmers of hope, and some dark clouds of despair on the horizon. Oxford University scientists are now testing their new Covid-19 vaccine on human volunteers, feeling 80% confident it will work. They are planning over a million vaccines to be ready by September. Difficult discussions about fair and equitable global distribution are beginning. In Africa the number of Covid-19 infections is rising exponentially, where resources and infrastructure are lacking. The valiant and courageous work of doctors, nurses, health professionals, and everyone working to help others around the world continues. Our gratitude cannot adequately be expressed in words. It moves us to tears. My doctor friends working in the Navajo nation are being overwhelmed, but are remaining strong and compassionate. We see this happening all over the world. April 29 at 9:05 a.m. PST (California) our interview with Stanford radio 90.1 FM will be aired — When we get the link for downloading, I will post it.