Enlightenment will empower us

Now that we’ve begun loosening the tight grip on our ego, seeing through it like water in a mirage, or a hologram, our focus naturally turns to compassion. When there is less, “me, me, me,” there is automatically more “you, you, you.” Reflect on the kindness shown to you by your mother, or whomever showed you the most kindness. Then consider we’ve had countless births. Where are all our mothers? They are unrecognizable, in new incarnations. Yet, they all have been our kind mothers, countless times! Reflect how they carried us in her wombs, nourished us on their breast, cleaned our bottoms, guided and educated us, all the time loving us more than themselves. But now they suffer, which is unbearable for us. We must rescue them from the fires of samsara, yet we are powerless. Enlightenment, for their sake, will empower us to rescue them.