Happy Saga Dawa!

We are still in the precious month Shakyamuni Buddha was born and enlightened, Saga Dawa. So, continue to be good and avoid harm, even to yourself. Our mind is most precious. How can we develop it for good? There are 6 primary minds, 5 of which are externally oriented through the 5 senses of sight, hearing, etc. The 6th is the mental consciousness (mind), which is oriented inward. On the coarse level there is thinking. Deeper levels are beyond thinking. Right now, sit straight. Open your eyes slightly, glancing softly down without starring. Or close the eyes. Just rest the mind. Take a few deep breaths. Slowly recognize your mind, your deeper mind. Practice regularly. An inner life begins to unfold. With study and practice, analyze the nature of your mind. Emaho, happy Saga Dawa!