HAPPY 85th birthday, Your Holiness

HAPPY 85th birthday, Your Holiness. In celebration of your birthday, we will dive deeply into reality, while wearing the bathing suit of love and compassion. The mind is vast and deep. There is no center, no limit. As it is not material, it is unconditional love, and profound wisdom, empty of independent existence. When we search for the mind carefully, nothing is found. When we search for ‘me’ carefully, nothing is found. Yet, similar to illusions, my mind and I do exist. We are here, you are there. Yet, what appears is mistaken. We appear as independent, isolated from our mind and everything else. These appearances do not exist. They are just fabrications from our tricky ignorant mind. On a relative dependent level, things do exist. Appearances are like illusions, like images in a dream upon awakening, like water in a mirage, appearing one way but existing in another. Realizing this is freedom. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOUR HOLINESS. PLEASE LIVE UNTIL AT LEAST 110 YEARS. HH requests as a birthday gift, that we recite OM MANI PADME HUNG, at least 1000 times, while thinking about wisdom and compassion.