Uncertainty easily turns into fear

Uncertainty easily turns into fear. Fear can be specific, or generalized, stirring up old emotions. Either way, fear makes us feel anxious, angry, and depressed. There is so much collective fear these days, even though most of us are living alone, socially distancing from each other. When you are afraid, remember you are not alone. Mentally connect with others, otherwise our focus contracts becoming too narrow. We get lost and overwhelmed by fear, losing sight of the bigger picture. If there is something we can do about the fearful situation, then try your best to do it. If there is nothing obvious we can do about the situation, fear and anxiety will not help. They will only make the situation worse. 7th century wisdom from a Buddhist saint-scholar, Shantideva, wrote this wisdom in the 6th chapter of his, ‘Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life.’