Learn to go beyond loneliness

Loneliness is growing. It was always there but we ran, and ran, and ran away from it constantly. Now that we are less mobile, loneliness becomes more apparent. We are lonely even when in a crowd. A crowd of seemingly engaged people, on deeper investigation is a group of isolated lonely people each in their own world. Elderly Japanese people from the southwest, Hiroshima and Nagasaki regions learned to go beyond loneliness. 75 years ago, yesterday, Americans dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima, and then 3 days later on Nagasaki. 100,000’s of people died horrible deaths from the immense heat generated by a nuclear explosion, following the flash and boom. Later many suffered from cancer, due to radiation. Those elder survivors, Hibaksha, number now about 130,000, transformed their anger into a movement of world peace to denuclearize the world, especially from nuclear weapons. They learned how to transform their loneliness and anger into working for others, to build a peaceful world. We salute and honor you!