Whether we are feeling loneliness, fear, boredom, out-of-balance, or whatever is troubling us, who is it that is feeling that way? When we do a careful investigation, it is hard to point precisely to who it is that is experiencing that difficulty. Is the person (me) experiencing the difficulty the same as my body? Same as my voice? Same as my thinking or feeling mind? Where am I located? In my body, outside of my body? Then who am I? With thorough examination, it is difficult to be clear. Why? Maybe because the appearance of who I am, is not really who I am. Maybe it is just an appearance. Then who am I? Maybe I am just a name, given to my body and my mind. Does that mean there is NO SOLID, INDEPENDENT ME?! WOW! So, I don’t need to get upset, since there is no solid me to get upset!? YES, YES, YES!!!