Anger management

We’ve discussed anger management many times (please review the posts you’ve liked). We all get angry, even me. So, we have to continually remind ourselves how to manage and practice it. Be mindful of the early signs – sleep deprived, in a situation you know makes you angry, fast heartbeat, fast breathing, tension in the jaw, neck, back, or body, feeling irritated, frightened, etc. When you notice any of these early signs, tell yourself, “I might be getting angry.” Imagine these early signs become a cloud that drifts and dissolves with your anger. Or, imagine the early signs become a crystal ball that you drop on a hard floor that shatters into a thousand pieces along with your early anger. What is the most effective way for you to reduce your anger? Watch, “Conflict, COVID, and Compassion dialogue between HH Dalai Lama and the US Institute of Peace young peace activists from around the world —
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