When one person is hurt, it negatively effects us all

Exclusion, wittingly or unwittingly, creates problems for others, those excluded and those included, who must defend their turf. It also creates problems for oneself. Out of insecurity, suspicion, and fear, barriers are erected dividing US from THEM. Although these are only concepts and not real, they start to feel like high thick concrete walls built out of insecurity. In reality we are all the same. We all want peace of mind free of pain. Any divisions based on gender, race, religion, nationality, etc. are only superficial. On a deeper level, we are all the same. In quantum physics they speak of entanglement. When something happens to something no matter how small, it effects every other thing in the whole universe. Similarly, when one person is hurt, it negatively effects us all. As HH Dalai Lama repeatedly teaches, we are all literally part of the same human family.