Return home to the present moment

We have been beating ourselves up with anxiety and fear during this pandemic. It is time to center. It is time to balance. It is time to return home. Return home to the present moment. This is where we heal. This is where we find inner peace. This is the place where we discover our deeper mind, free of the senses and thought. Take several slow deep breaths. Sit in a relaxed, yet alert posture. If you are still too anxious, see my 9-round breathing video in the ‘Resources: Moving Beyond Fear and Anxiety’ section at This will calm you down immediately. Then focus your awareness at the base of nose. Breath normally through your nose with your mouth closed. Keep your eyes open, glancing down with a soft gaze, not staring. This develops more mental clarity. When you get distracted, return your attention to the base of the nose. See the ‘Resources: Moving Beyond Anger’ section, ‘Mindfulness’ and ‘Walking Meditation.’