Wishing and acting to relieve suffering

Compassion is often misunderstood. We don’t have a good English word for ‘nyingje’ in Tibetan, or ‘karuṇā’ in Sanskrit. In addition to ‘wishing and acting to relieve suffering,’ compassion is nourished by wisdom. It is not weak or passive. Compassion actively fights abuse, bullying, and discrimination, not with anger, but with understanding and love. On a deeper level, compassion transforms our harmful inner delusions, which are the root of all our problems. On the deepest level, compassion dismantles our ignorance, grasping at an independent, objective ego. Compassion in its fullest sense includes our enemies, so no one is excluded. Not only the victim, but also the aggressor. Stopping the aggressor from engaging in harmful actions, lessens his or her future painful consequences, while preventing harm to the potential victim. This is not easy, but it is our mission, our passion, which we cultivate step by step becoming a Bodhisattva. Join HH’s teachings on Compassion and Human Survival on Dec. 9, and Tsongkhapa’s Praise to Dependent Arising on Dec. 10, both from 9 – 10 a.m. EDT — www.dalailama.com/live @compassion