The 8 mundane concerns

It’s been a long, hard year with only 2 days left. Let’s leave grasping at the 8 mundane concerns behind us, at least begin the journey. 4 of them elate us, and 4 of them depress us. Let’s shoot for equanimity and less grasping at all 8. Praise and blame elate or depress us. Since there is no one to praise and no one to blame, it is foolish to react so strongly. Reputation and criticism are similar. Gain and loss are relative and impermanent. Again, foolish to react strongly. Pleasure and pain similarly are impermanent and do not last. So why grasp tightly? 2021 will be the year to loosen our tight grasp on these 8 mundane concerns, to harmonize with reality and find deeper love and peace of mind.