Human Values Institute which was established in Japan in 2010 is committed to educating people about essential inner human values in a non-religious context. 

The Human Values Institute (HVI) focuses on education, social change, and helping disempowered people.

Cultivating self-dignity and self-respect reconnects us with our innate inner values.
First and foremost is honesty.  Honesty is directed both towards ourselves and towards others.  It fosters transparency.

Our inner world of thoughts and emotions become more in line with our projected outward expressions and behavior.  Based on this honesty and transparency, it becomes easier to cultivate respect.

From honesty and respect, trust naturally develops.  Trusting ourselves enhances our sense of self-dignity, self-worth, and self-confidence.  With this new healthy self-confidence, we are more able to go out into the world with a positive courageous attitude.

Thus we naturally start to open our hearts and become more concerned about others’ welfare.  Our hearts open to love and compassion.  A warm heart focuses more on others and helps others.  We receive joy when we help others.

We include meditation as a method for calming our unruly minds.  Rumination is reduced and we learn to focus better.

A broad perspective is cultivated allowing us more freedom of choice and more efficient decision-making in any situation we face.  Compassion coupled with a calm mind enhances leadership capabilities.  We are better equipped to focus on others.  This is Human Values Institute’s approach.

We give lectures, provide workshops, participate in medical conferences, host annual seminars, lead meditation retreats and sacred pilgrimages, and also publish books and DVDs, and have established and continue to develop online learning programs.

Recent Activities 2012-2017

< Social Activities >
・ Meditation Training at Ministry of Justice Juvenile Correctional Centers
・ Tohoku Seminars on Resilience for caregivers, social workers, and school teachers
・ Seminars on Grief, Wisdom, Happiness with Grief Counseling Center (GCC)

< Lectures for Medical Students and Medical Professionals >
・ Compassion in Medicine and Meditation for medical professionals at Yokohama City University Dept. of Medicine, St. Luke’s International University and Hospital, Yokosuka Kyosai Hospital, and St. Marianna Hospital
・ Compassion (Lojong) and Meditation Training for 6 days at St. Luke’s International Hospital

< Lectures for Business Leaders >
・ Global Leadership Training at Unilever Japan
・ Happiness and Compassion at FCC
・ Compassion and Success at McGill University Alumni Association in Tokyo

< Symposium >
・ 3rd Symposium “Healing and Wisdom” A Dialogue between two Nobel Laureates with HH the Dalai Lama & Prof. Susumu Tonegawa of MIT, Tokyo